Your 2nd Pair Of Eyes.

Ryan Eyes is the hub to streamline your business processes. Based on a proprietary platform that can normalize, aggregate and enrich your front, middle and back office data, RYAN Eyes Server is a comprehensive business integration solution, designed to deliver data to any user or system… anywhere… anytime.


What are Ryan Eyes?

Ryan Eyes are a second pair of eyes watching all activities of a financial services organization.

How does it watch?

It schedules and monitors jobs on your accounting system and data warehouse and monitors emails and ftp servers looking for external files that are needed for reconciliations, reporting and compliance. It automatically kicks off other jobs when data is received correctly and it escalates issues when jobs do not complete or files are not received. It also combines automated and manual tasks to create seamless workflows for your organization.

Who should use Ryan Eyes?

  • Operations Supervisors of hedge funds who need to know when each task is completed and what jobs fail
  • COOs of hedge funds and asset managers who want to keep their finger on the operational pulse of their organization
  • Operations Heads at Fund Administrators who want transparency so their clients can see that month end tasks are on schedule
  • CFOs of Exchange Traded Funds who want to ensure that their IIVs and NAVs are reported to investors on a timely basis each day
  • CCOs of all financial service firms who want to track SSAE 18 compliance throughout the year